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Highest Ratings From LA Weekly2000, LA Magazine2003, City Search 2004/2005 , Travelocity, N.P.R

"LA's Best Ice Cream"   

Los Angeles TimesArticle,Tuesday, July 9, 2002

The Sweet Life
Business is booming at Mashti Malone's, where ice cream takes on the delicious and exotic flavors of its CO-owners' native Iran. Read Article

The store belongs to two brothers, Mashti,and Mehdi Shirvani,who grew up Mashhad, a small town in northern Iran. "We are not Malones," says Mehdi, the lively younger brother, and salesman of the joint. "Do I look like a Malone?" Read more Articles

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Awarded highest rating in Citysearch.com 2004,2005.

LA’s Best Ice Cream by LA Weekly 2000.

Mashti Malone's Ice Cream. is Celebrity's Ice Cream of Choice!

On The Set of Everybody Loves Raymond

On the set of Everybody Loves Raymond

Mel Gibson at Warner Brothers Studio

Warner Brothers Studio


KCRW member appreciation party

KCRW Party at UCLA


  • Mashti Malone's 25-year-old business supplies more than 200 restaurants in Southern California with rosewater ice cream, or with his wildly popular Mashti ice cream sandwiches, in which saffron-pistachio is nestled betwixt a pair of thin wafers. New Times Los Angeles
  • La Brea Avenue reveals the rich possibilities of L.A.'s diverse neighborhoods. Mashti Malone's Ice Cream Parlor is worth the trip alone. Los Angeles Times / Living
  • Mashti Malone's Rosewater Ice Cream and Sorbet. When I tasted Mashti Malone's homemade rosewater sorbet, it was such an epiphany, such an exaltation of my taste buds, that I became immediately addicted, to the point of panicking that I would reach the bottom of the container and never be able to get any more. LA Weekly Magazine Read Article

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